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> 'ゲイの羊'実験が明るみに[Out of the Closet:'Gay Sheep' Experiments Exposed]

未熟で意味のないサルの実験からPETAの「最悪な試験所ワースト10」に入っているOregon Health and Science University(オレゴン健康科学大学:通称OHSU)は「ゲイの羊」の実験という下手な構想により、動物愛護者、同性愛擁護者や科学者から非難の声を浴びています

この何億もコストのかかる(資金は2008年の納税者からのもの)実験の目的は、生物学上の同性愛の基本原理を突き止め、それを人間の同性愛の「治療」に使うことです。OHSU の実験者であるCharles Roselliは何匹もの羊を殺し、ゲイである雄羊の脳を切り開き、同性愛の傾向の原因となるホルモンのメカニズムを緩和し、後に同性愛の傾向を変えることを試みようとしています。

Charlesは同じ実験者であるOregon State University(オレゴン州立大学:通称OSU)のFrederick Stormshakと行動をともにしていますが、Frederickは「細胞レベルの発情ホルモンを返還することにより異性愛の雄羊との違いを調べるため」の手術により雄羊の体に発情ホルモンを据え付けた人物でもあります。


この実験を人間にも応用するために、実験者達は生まれる前に同性愛を阻止するのも目的だとしています。National Institutes of Health(国の健康学会)が運営する公共の基金に申し込む際にRoselliは「この羊の実験は、人間を含む哺乳類における生物学的な性的傾向の基礎についての新しい仮定をテストし、明確に述べる為に必要な情報を整えるものである。」と述べています。

これは、ただの無駄な動物虐殺や倫理的に弁護の余地のない実験だけではなく、科学の分野のエキスパート達からも非難を浴びています。ポートランドを中心に活動している臨床精神分析医であるMalgosia Cegielski医師は、Roselliのゲイ羊実験を「軽率」で「ぞっとさせる」実験であると言います。彼女は「彼がしていることからは、何の利益も、有益も生まれはしない……人間以外の動物と人間における(細胞レベルの)遺伝子の表現と生物学的違いはとてつもなく大きい。動物の生態と人間を関連付けるなんて、ただの悪ふざけです。」と述べています。



Dr. Ed Ray, President
Oregon State University
634 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis, OR 97331-2128

Joseph Robertson Jr., M.D., M.B.A., President-Elect
Oregon Health and Science University
3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Rd.
Portland, OR 97239-3098


Out of the Closet:'Gay Sheep' Experiments Exposed

In addition to being blacklisted as one of PETA’s picks for the 10 Worst Laboratories for conducting crude and useless experiments on monkeys, Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) is now facing public condemnation from animal- and gay-rights advocates and scientific experts for its ill-conceived “gay sheep” experiments.

At the heart of these multi-million-dollar experiments, which are funded by taxpayers through the year 2008, is the goal of identifying a biological basis for homosexuality in sheep in an effort to “cure” homosexuality in humans. OHSU experimenter Charles Roselli is killing scores of sheep and cutting open the brains of rams he calls “male-oriented” (homosexual) in an attempt to find the hormonal mechanisms behind homosexual tendencies, so that they can subsequently be changed.

Roselli is also working with experimenter Frederick Stormshak of Oregon State University (OSU), who has surgically installed an estrogen implant in the bodies of rams in an effort “to restore tissue levels of estrogen comparable to those of heterosexual rams and affect sexual behavior accordingly.”

In a March 5, 2004, news release issued by OHSU, the university admitted that Roselli and Stormshak would “like to know whether sexual preferences can be altered by manipulating the prenatal hormone environment, for instance by using drugs to prevent the actions of androgen in the fetal sheep brain.”

Equally disturbing is the experimenters’ stated intention to apply their findings in sheep to humans. This is highlighted in Roselli’s application for public funding from the National Institutes of Health: “The [sheep] experiments proposed in this application will furnish important information that is needed to formulate and test novel hypotheses about the biological basis of sexual orientation in higher mammals including humans”. Roselli goes on to note in one of his published journal articles that “this research also has broader implications for understanding the development and control of sexual motivation and mate selection across mammalian species, including humans.”

This is not only a needless slaughter of animals and an ethically indefensible experiment, but has also been condemned by experts on scientific grounds. Dr. Malgosia Cegielski, a Portland-based clinical psychologist, calls Roselli’s gay-sheep experiment “frivolous” and “frightening.” She says: “I don’t see any clinical utility or human benefit with what he’s doing. … The gene expression and biological differences at a cellular level between [nonhuman] animals and humans is so huge. To draw conclusions between animal behavior [and] humans is a joke.”

What You Can Do
Please send polite letters to OSU and OHSU at the addresses shown below and ask that they immediately stop the needless use and slaughter of animals in these experiments and instead use taxpayers’ money for beneficial research that does not involve the use of animals or for funding a sexual diversity acceptance and tolerance initiative:

Dr. Ed Ray, President
Oregon State University
634 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis, OR 97331-2128

Joseph Robertson Jr., M.D., M.B.A., President-Elect
Oregon Health and Science University
3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Rd.
Portland, OR 97239-3098

Read the letters that PETA sent to OSU and OHSU.
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