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今回より、PETAの"It's as easy as pie!"から家で、職場でできる事を抜粋して載せていきます。ここからpdfのファイルがタダでダウンロードできます。それから、PETAに募金をするとこのパンフレットと共に"ANIMAL TIMES"等の雑誌ももらえます。






そしてペットをタダで譲る記事をだしているオーナーに「あなたの大事なペットが実験施設で過ごすことになるかもしれない」ことを伝えましょう。PETAの発行している"Free to a good home"の広告を無料でお送りします。




[It's as easy as pie!]
This is one of those materials PETA sent me after I donated $16. You can also download PDF file here for free.

*Keep your eyes and ears out for animals-related issues and write a letter to the editor in support of animal rights to every magazine or news paper that you read--your letter might be read by millions of people!

*Thank publishers and producers for animal-friendly messages on TV and in print.

*Write letters to companies that do cruel experiments on animals, such as lams and its parent company, Procter & Gamble.

*Call and write your legislators, asking them to support animal-friendly legislation and thanking them for any similar past support.

*Peruse your local paper for "free to a good home" ads and call the people who place them, warning them that their animal might end up in a lab. Order PETA's "free to a good home" ad pack, full of info that you can provide. We'll send it for free!

*Call in to radio shows and tell the audience all about the huge array of vegetarian options available in your local grocery store or how much weight you lost when you went vegan!

*Give your friends a message when they leave one for you! Record an animal rights message on your voice-mail or answering machine, such as "More than 3 million animals die every hour in the U.S. for their flesh. For a free vegetarian starter kit, call 1-888-VEG-FOOD."

*Include an animal rights quote or--better--link to a video in your e-mail autosignature.
by i_love_peta_jp | 2006-06-30 20:37 | It's as easy as pie!

PETAの記事とビーガン(ベジタリアン)レシピを掲載!PETA's articles and vegan recipes!
by i_love_peta_jp
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